The Winner of the Aardvark XL Farrowing Arc from Contented Products was Kerrie Chalmers of Shawwood Farm in Ayrshire, Scotland – Congratulations! Thank you to everyone who entered, the correct answers are now below each question as follows.


27th Nov

4th Dec

Half Inch – Pinch

11th Dec

Clarence (Ronnie Barkers character in said show)

18th Dec

Everything but the Squeal(Snout)


28th Nov

5th Dec

Sybil (Basil Fawlty’s Wife)

12th Dec


19th Dec

Cuts/types of Pork (Belly, Hock, Trotter, Bacon)


29th Nov

6th Dec

Three French hens

13th Dec

Royal Flush

20th Dec

All names (or part of) London underground Tube Stations – Specifically the Piccadilly line


30th Nov

7th Dec

Order of the letter in each word are in alphabetical order

14th Dec

Thing left on the moon.

21st Dec

They’re all the initials of the OSB Blood Lines, Alexander, Alistair, Alison, Clarence, Clare, Clarissa, Cynthia, Dandy, Duchess, Elsie, Gertrude, Gloria, Iris, Jack, Lady, Mary and Sybil


1st Dec

Fish out of water

8th Dec

Honour Amongst Thieves’

15th Dec


22nd Dec


Photo: In pig gilt with 11 days to go. Francesca an Oxford Sandy and Black Pig Gilt photo taken on 22 January 2023 farrowed on 2 February 2023.

Enhancing the In-pig Sow Nutrition

Although the last month of pregnancy is the period when the main growth rate of the foetus takes shape, we, Oxford Sandy and Black Pig keepers must take into consideration the whole of the gestation period to take advantage of the opportunity to influence birth weights.

Direct Your Attention Beyond the Final Third of Gestation: Emphasis is more than just the last third of gestation, as this period witnesses foetal growth spurts and an opportunity to influence birth weight. Elevate nutrient intake for sows starting from day 80 of gestation to positively impact birth weight. Notably, between days 90 and 115, piglet growth rate increases significantly.

Evaluate Feeding Regime for the Oxford Sandy and Black Gilts: Carefully consider the feeding plan for your breeding gilts. Overfeeding them during the initial stages of gestation can yield both short and long-term effects. The extra feed might be directed towards the gilts’ reserves rather than the developing foetus. This practice could lead to the birth of small piglets and overweight gilts. Once a gilt accumulates excess fat, her productivity might diminish.

Remember it is worth discussing feeding options with your feed nutritionist/feed merchant.

Photo: In pig gilt with 12 days to go. Francesca an Oxford Sandy and Black Pig Gilt photo taken on 22 January 2023

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