Friends of the Oxford Sandy and Black Pig Group

About Us


We, the Oxford Sandy and Black Pig Group (OSBPG) is an organisation that inspires, educates and enthuses individuals about our breed.  With your help we will continue to raise the profile of our beautiful rare breed and we wish to take you along our journey together.

Your Membership


Entitles you access to the following:

Our facebook group is a daily newsletter, full of advice, comments and experiences with knowledge shared by leading pig experts.  Our website is full of information discussing pig diseases and ailments, the history of the breed, calculating your pigs DW and LW, various Apps for android and Iphone and our famous OSBPG Shop.  Check out our video Gallery and find out who is your OSBPG Regional Officer/s.

Our Promise to the breed


  • Inspire, educate and enthuse.
  • Give recognition of our breed as a meat pig through butchers, restauranteurs, and producers.
  • To raise the profile of our breed, create awareness and recognition of our breed.
  • Encourage correct breeding
  • Up hold the breed conformation and endorse inspections where necessary
  • Support the OSB herd through the charity’s programs, GSA, BIP and Register

Membership Cost


  • Individual – £10 one off fee
  • Couples – £16 one off fee
  • All membership types allow for children aged 17 and under to be included in events etc for free.

Terms and Conditions of Membership


  • All membership applications are screened, a completed application form does not automatically guarantee membership. Membership is at the discretion of the trustees, any unsuccessful applications will receive a full refund of membership cost.
  • All Membership fees are paid into the OSBPG fund.
  • Members are expected to maintain polite conduct on social media activities on our Facebook groups.
  • There is no obligation to attend ANY or EVERY event.
  • Members are expected to notify the trustees of any changes in contact details etc.
  • Members have the right to raise any concerns about other members’ conduct etc. to the trustees.
  • All Members are required to agree to these terms and condition during the application process.
  • The trustees retain the right to cancel a membership at any time without notice.

How Do i Apply?


  • Complete the application form
  • Make your payment via our shop
  • We will be in touch within 7 days of cleared payment
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