Identification of your Pedigree OSB’s

Identification of your pedigree pigs including any to be sold for meat, but be tagged before leaving the holding of birth. Criteria are for pig identification ( Unique Number, Breeder etc) are defined by your countries government body for farming and livestock. Information is available here; England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales or the European Union 

In General, pedigree pigs are required to be identified, there are several ways you can identify pedigree pigs, Tagging, Notching or Tattoo, the following will cover off the identification types and how they are applied

Pedigree pigs for meat should have a single ear tag. The male side of the tag must have the breeders herd mark prefixed with UK. For example UK AB 1234. The female side should have the pigs unique ID, i.e OSBPG 0123. The below picture illustrates this.

Pig ID - Single Tag


If you have purchased pedigree weaners to raise for meat, you are required to send them to slaughter with your herd mark, again prefixed with UK. You can either apply a slaughter tag or use a slap mark. The picture below shows the slaughter tag applied – this does not necessarily need to be in the same ear as the breeder tag.

ID for slaughter


OSBPG Pedigree Pigs should be  double tagged and should be placed in both ears, similar to below

Double Tag ID

You can also tattoo the pigs with their ID (i.e OSBPG 0123) to the inner ear using a tattoo plate.

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