Contented Products: Bringing Quality Pig Products and OSBPG Charity together.

Contented Products is renowned for its top-quality pig arks (amongst other products), offering durability and comfort for animals. Recently, they’ve partnered with the OSBPG to extend their reach and support a worthy cause.

Their pig arks are crafted with sturdy materials, ensuring optimal shelter and well-being for pigs. This collaboration showcases their commitment to social responsibility, making their excellent products accessible while supporting charitable initiatives.

Contented Products delivers exceptional pig arks and a meaningful partnership with a charity, highlighting their dedication to quality and community impact.

Harpers Feeds Add Soya Free Pig Feed to their Planet Range – in partnership with OSBPG Charity

Harpers Feeds have teamed up with the OSBPG to create the Planet range feed for pigs, aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of pig farming.

By eliminating environmentally harmful ingredients like soya and palm oil products, and opting for locally sourced alternatives such as protected rapeseed, Field beans and sugar beet.

The Planet range offers a sustainable solution without compromising on quality. This innovative collaboration not only provides nutritious feed but also contributes to lowering the environmental impact of pig farming, setting a new standard for sustainable agriculture.