OSBPG Transporter for UK

Mike & Jayne Carter

Sometimes we find weaners or a beauty of a gilt or sow or a cracking boar on our stock availability sheet. But for one reason or another, we are unable to pick up or even deliver. And we find ourselves asking on the Charity is there anyone who could help. Well, you can guess what I am about to say…”YES there is!”I am very happy to let you know that a livestock transporter has been found to help us with picking up and dropping off our pigs. Initially, it was to help with our Scotland GSA movements to locations that were to halfway points to make the distance easier (of course with a standstill period in place and with isolation units) but now it will also be for other Journeys, which has been kindly agreed. It is with thanks to Mike and Jayne Carter, who are from the Charity and have been part of the Charity for some years, and it wasn’t until I met up with them on my road trip that they mentioned they would only be too happy to help. This is what they will do for us and The only qualification is that both parties, picking up and dropping off point are members of our Charity and/or have “Become a Friend” .

  • Both are qualified competent attendants and have breakdown cover for both trailer and vehicle which includes recovering of trailers including livestock.
  • In addition, Mike is also an HGV driver (retired from the Army and use to driving heavy vehicles) and travels extensively up and down the country.

The logistics would be as follows:

  • the movement starts from Mike and Jayne (wigan) to point of collection to point of delivery and return back to Mike and Jayne’s base.
  • Their trailer has a max capacity of 750kg which can handle; 1 large pig male/female, or two 6-month-old pigs or 6/8 weaners. This trailer can be partitioned into 2 sections to carry one of either sex of medium size pig and weaners.
  • The trailer cost is per mile + VAT billed to the purchaser. And if you qualify for the GSA you may also use it in connection with the movement.


  • It would be advantageous to have an idea of the weight of each animal being transported in the event of multiple pigs being moved so we can work the weights and trailer size required.
  • Loading and unloading would be the responsibility of the vendor/purchaser. In addition to the above, we have copies of Mike and Jaynes hauliers’ licence and their driver/attendants certificates for movement of livestock Category 1 up to 8hrs.

I think you will agree this is a great addition and asset to the Charity which helps us move livestock up and down the country.

If you would like to find out more, get a quote or book Mike and Jayne please click below