Genetic Spread Allowance (GSA)Program

Genetic Spread Allowance Program

What is the GSA Program?

  • The GSA is a financial allowance to be given to the Oxford Sandy and Black Pig Group charity supporters to encourage the geographical spread and genetic selection of the Oxford Sandy and Black Pig bloodlines within the UK.
  • The GSA encourages the charity’s supporters to travel for genetic diversity.
  • Encourages a good genetic selection
  • Encourages new breeders and  a network of communication
  • Creating positive and direct communication with the Trustees and/or Regional Representative.

What is Required?

  • An Oxford Sandy and Black Pig breeder is willing to travel either (in one direction);
    • over three hours or
    • 150 miles
  • Introduce a rare line or a sow/boar bloodline
  • Where 5 or less than a given bloodline exists in that county/region
  • Both parties(Buyer and Seller) have to be active members or Friends of the OSBPG Foundation Charity
  • Purchased pigs must adhere to breed standard
  • Provide bloodline details of all currently owned stock
  • Provide bloodline details of all proposed stock
  • Provide photos and/or video of the proposed stock

How much is the Genetic Spread allowance?

As of January 15th, 2024, the GSA payment for qualifying applications has been increased from £175 to £200. The £200.00 allowance will be awarded after the successful transition and movement of the Oxford Sandy and Black Pig is confirmed and verified with the OSBPG Charity and purchaser. Members of the OSBPG register will receive £250 for all qualifying applications.

Why are we doing this?

The achievements will be tenfold as we hope to see a steady increase in  our
bloodlines diversity and to populate designated regions that may not otherwise have a particular

The objective of this project is to encourage a good genetic selection. To encourage
new breeders and to encourage a network of communication for the supporters of our
charity. To also encourage communication, which is paramount, with our supporters
and trustees. Creating positive and direct communication with the Trustees and/or
Regional Representative.

The Charity’s ethos and focus is to support, inspire, educate and enthuse individuals
about our breed and give guidance to our supporters.

How do I apply?

To apply you need to submit an online application form, you can do this via the button below. Please note that application does not guarantee qualification for the award, applications are reviewed on an individual basis and reviewed by the charities’ trustees.

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