Pig Pregnancy Scanner hire

For the active members of the Oxford Sandy and Black group, the below pregnancy scanner is available for hire to scan your sows. Please complete the request form below, once you have completed the form you will be taken to the shop where you can pay for the hire.

We also have an overview video of the scanner if you wish to view it before you hire, just click play below


Terms & Conditions


    • The Draminski Pregnancy Detector Hire Agreement is made between The Oxford Sandy and Black Pig Group Charity (OSBPG) and Yourself (that named in the above form)
    • You acknowledged the equipment and the terms of this Agreement
    • The OSBPG agrees to provide you with  the Draminski Pregnancy Detector

The intent of the Hire

    • You agree that the Draminski Pregnancy Detector will only be used for scanning your pigs.


    • The agreement is valid for the duration of the hire, from receiving (via courier/post) until it reaches its next destinations (the OSBPG will provide this information)

Rental Payment

    • You agree to pay a sum of 15.00GBP for the Draminski Pregnancy Detector’s use and are responsible for carrier costs (including insurance) to its next destination as per item C-a


    • You agree to ensure the Draminski Pregnancy Detector’s value of 350.00GBP is covered by themselves or any insurance you put in place.

    • You agree to ensure the Draminski Pregnancy Detector is covered for 350.00GBP postal insurance cover and is sent on a next day/24hour service (not including Sundays) at your expense.

Alternation, Maintenance, and Repair

    • You shall keep the Draminski Pregnancy Detector in good working condition

    • You are responsible for any damage caused which means you will cover all the expenses in repairing or replacing

    • You will be responsible for the loss of the equipment, up to and including the Draminski Pregnancy Detector’s delivery to its next destination. Once received by the next destination your liability complete

    • You agree to pay for a new or replacement Draminski Pregnancy Detector in a prompt and efficient time window

    • You are obliged to return the Draminski Pregnancy Detector in good and fully working condition.