England & Wales and Scotland

Yep it is a tongue twister of a word. Is that a clue to the way we are grasping the concept of putting it into motion? Since its inception on 13 December 2023 it seems so, as from the communications the OSBPG Charity have been receiving, it seems that many individuals are still unclear as to the protocols in sending your pigs to the abattoir and a little confused from announcements and correspondence that have been read, which then sends you off to another source or link.
The OSBPG Charity contacted AHDB and spoke with the ever helpful Nicola Gumery, head of The Bureau responsible for England & Wales and newly appointed, Scott McDowell, of SAOS, who is head of ScotEID.
What is first and foremost is that the Vet Attestation came into force on 13 December 2023 and includes ALL livestock.

Vet Attestation for England & Wales – What does it mean

Quite simply put, Vet Attestation is all about what the abattoir you use do with the by-products Ie: trotters, feet, offal, ears, head etc.

If your abattoir tells you that they incinerate the by-products – “You do NOT need a vet attestation number (VAN)”

If your abattoir sells on the by-products – “YOU NEED a Vet Attestation Number (VAN)”

So how do you go about getting a VAN:

Contact Your Vet: Explain that you require a Vet Attestation number (VAN). They will come out and visit your farm/holding, they will look at your livestock, observe how they are kept and generally look at your biosecurity. They will then issue you with a certificate showing our VAN. This inspection will last for 12 months and will cover all your livestock. This is just a routine inspection it is not intrusive and as you will know your vet it will be an invitation for a nice chat over a cuppa.

Once you have your VAN: Visit the Pig Hub where you can add your VAN. This will automatically update and show on your movement licence.

Signing in to the Pig Hub: You can do this either from eAML2 or visit: Sign in using the same user name and password as your eAML2.

eAML2 Portal

Once in the Pig Hub:

  • Click the “Producers” icon. Once in the producers section under “Your Data” Click “Your Holdings”.
  • Once in “your holdings” Click the little cog wheel next to your name (this will expand the file and show all your details) if your details have not shown in full.
  • Scroll down to second page look for section “BD.1.7” Here is where you fill in your VAN.
Pig Hub Portal
  • Scroll down to the bottom click “Update” Then you are good to go for 12 months.

AHDB works with DEFRA, ensuring that all information provided is accurate and reliable.

Should you require additional assurance, information, or guidance, please contact The Bureau, where Nicola and her dedicated helpful team will be able to assist you in anyway they can.

Tel: 0844 335 8400

OR go to the eAML2 website and click the Contact button on the top of the page, fill in your details and you will get a quick response. 

Vet Attestation for Scotland – What does it mean

On the 15 January 2024) Kim Brook engaged in a productive conversation with Scott McDowell, the GM of ScotEID, discussing the implementation and details of the Vet Attestation in Scotland. The key points highlighted in the conversation are as follows:

  1. Enforcement of Vet Attestation: Mr. McDowell confirmed that the Vet Attestation has been in force since 13 December 2023.
  2. Procedure for Vet Attestation Number (VAN): Obtaining a Vet Attestation Number (VAN) involves contacting your veterinarian.
    Veterinarians, like smallholders/crofters, have access to the Export Eligibility Checker on ScotEID.
    After a visit to the farm/croft, the veterinarian will access the holding’s CPH and insert the VAN.
    The VAN is valid for 12 months, covering all livestock, and is reflected on movements.
  3. Visit for VAN Authorisation: If a veterinarian is already on-site to tend to livestock, this visit can count as the authorisation visit for the VAN.
  4. ScotEID Website: Mr. McDowell emphasised that comprehensive information regarding the Vet Attestation is available on the ScotEID website.
  5. Reference to Specific Article: There was a recommendation to refer to the article titled “08/11/2023: New Vet Attestation, if not Farm Assured, from 13 December 2023.”

Encouragement to Seek Assistance: #OSBPG Scottish members and supporters were encouraged to contact ScotEID for any queries or questions relating to the Vet Attestation.
Veterinary practices are also able to provide advice.