Facebook & Regional Reps

We have two facebook groups for the Oxford Sandy and Black Pig which cater for different areas;

  1. Oxford Sandy and Black Pig Group” this is the main group  where we talk about the breed, share key info and ask and offer advice
  2.  “OSB Rare Breed Pork (for Sellers and Buyers)” recipes, butchery advice, curing, sausage making, buying and selling pork

Due to the large group size and geographic dispersal of its members, we have a number of regional representatives around the UK who set up regular meetings and get-togethers in their regions. This allows those where travelling to main events that could be 100’s of miles away is not viable a chance to connect and talk all things Oxford Sandy and Black Pig with like-minded breeders and keepers in their region. If you want to find out more or are interested in hosting something in your region, please reach out to the representative for your area via the interactive map below;

Click on the flashing orange cursor nearest to where you live to find your regional rep.

Regional Representatives for the OSBPG