Pork Dry-Cure Calculator

This tool is here to help you work out how much cure you will need and how long to cure it. All you need to know is;

  1. The cure ratio for the product you are using this is typically 4 to 5% or 40 to 50g per kilo of pork
  2. Weight of your pork in kilos i.e 1350g = 1.35kg
  3. Thickness in cm of the widest part of the pork
  4. Where the pork is still on the bone or not

The tool will then calculate, how much cure you need (in grams), how long it needs to cure for (in days) and the date it will be ready if you set it in cure on a given date.

Please note grey fields are not editable, these are the calculated values, and you can only input clear fields. Fields with a * are required.

All calculations are an estimate, and humidity and age of pork can affect curing times.