Keeping Pigs – The Regulations

There are a number of legal requirements you MUST adhere to when keeping pigs regardless of whether they are kept as a pet, used for breeding or production of pork. To someone just starting out this can seem quite daunting, and it’s not always obvious where you start and depending on where you live in the UK, the relevant legal body may be different. So to simplify things and to help you ensure you are compliant we have complied the below information for you and long with some useful contact info. You can also download this as a pdf file for you own keeping and printing by clicking here.



In summary, you MUST as a minimum for keeping pigs

  1. Registered for a County Parish Holding Number (CPH)
  2. Obtain a herd mark for your pigs
  3. Ensure you have access to the relevant electronic movement licencing system
  4. register with you local trading standards as an R13 Livestock Farm

and if you are to be selling your pork;

5. Register as a food business via your local council.


This information was accurate as on 18th August 2020 and will be reviewed regularly, if you feel there are required amendments or changes please email