Pig Disease and Ailments

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This affects both gilts and sows and the causes range from mismanagement, fever, infections of Read more
Biosecurity serves as the pivotal strategy through which we thwart the infiltration and proliferation of Read more
This affects all age groups from growers, gilts, sows and boars. It is caused by Read more
Understanding and Managing Cannibalism in Pigs In recent months, the Oxford Sandy and Black Pig Read more
Coccidiosis affects all ages of pigs and is a tacky or watery diarrhoea, piglets do Read more
(When sourcing stock IT IS UP TO YOU to ask the breeder if they have Read more
Gastric ulcers in our pigs can affect all ages, but is more commonly observed in Read more
The Pigs Eyesight The OSBPG Charity is always looking to investigate the wonders of pigs Read more
Studies and investigations conducted by pig geneticists and leading experts in the field emphasise the Read more
It is extensively documented that during the 1960s, as the UK pig industry underwent intensification Read more
Most of us have experienced this in our sows and it also affects the gilts. Read more
The brain and spinal cord are protected within bony cavities (the skull and the spinal Read more
We all get frustrated when our sow/gilt return and we find that they are not Read more
Similar to humans, the feet of pigs bear the weight and undergo considerable strain with Read more
As we witness the wonderful farrowings with the anticipation of more to come, I thought Read more
Enhancing the In-pig Sow Nutrition Although the last month of pregnancy is the period when Read more
Cross- Fostering When dealing with large litters and you have simultaneous farrowings, there may be Read more
Pre-weaning care of the Oxford Sandy and Black piglet Read more
Enhancing Nutrition for Improved Piglet Growth Instead of increasing feed levels, it's worth considering an Read more
Economic Considerations Regarding Low Birth Weight Pigs As we know, and have experienced ourselves as Read more
Swine Flu Similar to humans, pigs are susceptible to colds and flu, especially in the Read more
Porcine Parvovirus (PPV) PPV, while not outwardly noticeable in our pigs during day-to-day observation, poses Read more
Swine Dysentery, Brachyspira hyodysenteria, a widespread and well-recognised disease among pigs globally, poses a significant Read more
Biting in pigs is not uncommon and can manifest in various forms, such as tail, Read more