Piglet Observation – Part VII

Economic Considerations Regarding Low Birth Weight Pigs

As we know, and have experienced ourselves as we observe our Oxford Sandy and Black (OSB) low birth weight pigs, they can thrive when managed and nourished correctly. With meticulous care, these OSB piglets can achieve enhanced growth rates and therefore reduce pre-weaning mortality rates.

The economic implications of raising Oxford Sandy and Black low birth weight pigs can hinge on these few factors:

  1. Feed Efficiency: Their capacity to efficiently convert feed into growth.
  2. Production Variation Costs: Expenses associated with managing variation throughout the production process.
  3. Market Conditions: The prevailing prices of pigs and feed in the current market.

These factors collectively determine the economic viability of rearing low birth weight pigs, and with the right strategies, their performance can yield positive results.

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