Oxford Sandy and Black Pig Group Register

The Oxford Sandy and Black Pig Group Foundation Charity functions autonomously, striving to advance our breed both geographically and genetically. Our mission centres around supporting our Independent Pork Producers, Breeders, and Keepers along with their families through initiatives like the Breeding Initiative Programme (BIP) and the Genetic Spread Allowance (GSA). Registering with the OSBPG Foundation Charity allows you to actively participate in shaping the continuous evolution of our breed across the UK. The OSBPG Foundation Charity is dedicated to serving you; our goal is to help you succeed and our dream is to assist you in achieving yours.

What does it cost?

Annual membership is £34/year with no additional costs

What are the benefits

  • First 12 ear tags and applicator to start you on you way
  • Access to our register on Cloud-lines 24×7
  • Farrowing and stock Management
  • Breeding suitability and analysis through Coefficient of Inbreeding (COI) and Kinship
  • GSA payment allowance for qualifying applications of £250.00
  • Free pregnancy Scanner Hire
  • Farrowing Confirmations
  • OSB Pork Accreditations papers
  • Free personalised OSB Pork Labels

How do I join or get more information?

Complete the form below and we will be in touch