Valuing the Oxford Sandy and Black Pig

Its difficult to put a price on something you cherish.  The Oxford Sandy and Black Pig is a beautiful, striking breed with its golden coat adorned with black markings (not to be called spots). It walks with purpose and is graceful and enchanting.  With manners and patience they are truly a pleasure to own.

To those that are starting out and looking for their first pigs, the Oxford Sandy and Black Pig is the UK’s all round rare breed.

For meat our breed excels in all areas.  With fall-off-the-bone joints, tasty bacon, juicy sausages, out of the world crackling and exquisite charcuterie.  To those who wish to embark on breeding they are efficient and steadfast with the most loving and endearing behaviour to their young.

We, the Oxford Sandy and Black Pig Foundation Charity will guide you through all you wish to know about this beautiful breed, click “OSBPG Friends” and we will help you all we can to be apart of one of the UK’s rare pig breeds.


  • Photos: Top; Oldlands Herd.  Bottom; Mark Thorley

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