2021 and we are Blogging!

The Oxford Sandy and Black Pig Group is pretty up there when it comes to embracing social media platforms, however doing a “Blog” is, we are told, a topical and informative discussion.  Fortunately, we like nothing more than to share and part with information that we see as helpful, enlightening, educational, inspiring and above all full of enthusiasm to our supporters.  So here goes!

This first blog is about saying “Hello” and we hope you enjoy our blogs!

Just in case you are wondering, you can follow us here as well…

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  • Youtube – Oxford Sandy Black Pig Group  Here you can see wonderful recipes being produced by our great supporters;  a short video on pig bio-security, an opportunity to see the wrongs; We have a very informative video on how to use our Draminski pig pregnancy scanner which we hire out to our supporters; There is a small educational video for children and lastly, how to use our pig production and produce calendar.
  • Podcast – Oxford Sandy Black Pig Group – Or ask “Alexa, play Oxford Sandy and Black Pig Group Podcast”
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