As we know each breed has its own characteristics. However, a generalisation can be reached regarding selecting breeding stock for future generations. The same criteria applies to the selection of both our boars and gilts/sows.

The ideal pig provides good cushioning and flexability to all the joints and as you would imagine this would cause our pigs an easier time getting up and down with the knock on effect of being less likely to suffer from leg injuries and complaints which in turn enhances the longevity and productivity of our herds regardless of how small or large they will be. Not forgetting adding to a greater genetic selection.

So lets start from the ground up. The toes, the fundamental building blocks of the making of our pigs.

Toes should be big, even and well spaced to take the weight of our pigs.

Condition of the toes

The toes should have no visible cracks, swellings or injuries, this is also true to say for the underneath of each foot.

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