PIGLET/WEANER – Being prepared Part VII

Finishing for pork

Boars are quicker to finish than gilts (girls) and can be sent off at 26 weeks whereby you would expect to get an average dead weight (dw) of 70Kg. Gilts can be brought on to 9 months and will give you bigger hams.

Those that are producing charcuterie will bring on both boars and gilts to 10 months to 12 months of age.

Please do remember that boars and gilts that have been sold for meat weaners are for meat and not for breeding. If you feel that one of your meat weaners looks as if it is suitable for breeding, please consult the breeder who will gladly come and inspect the pig and confirm its eligibility for breeding purposes.

The Oxford Sandy and Black Breed Standard can be found here

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