PIGLET/WEANER – Being prepared Part IX

Photo: Ian Lawrence

Getting organised

Before your weaners go to new homes you may wish to ready yourself with a couple of things.

A few of days before the weaners leave ensure that you have:-

  • filled out the electronic movement licence for England and Wales this will be eAML2. For Scotland this will be ScotEID.
  • Ensure copy of movement licence is given to the new keepers on pick up of their weaners.
  • Ensure that any tagging or identification is done prior to the day of pick up.
  • Worm your pigs
  • Have your weaners in an area which is easy to transfer and move when new keepers pick up.

A little advice sheet may be useful showing the date of birth of the weaners, what feed they are currently on and how much you are currently feeding with how much to feed going forward. You may wish to offer some of your feed so the new keepers may integrate it with their feed, which will help settle the tummies. If indeed you are feeding a different compound feed.

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