Prompted by a question from one of our supporters on the Oxford Sandy and Black Pig Foundation regarding the loading of pigs before a movement, IE placing a pig/s in a trailer the evening before a move for the next morning or keeping a pig/s in a trailer which may be awaiting collection or pick up. For confirmation on the stipulation of loading and containing our pigs we turned to AHDB Senior Animal Health & Welfare Scientist, Lauren Cordingley. Who kindly responded with the following:

legislation would deem that the journey starts from when the animals are constrained in the trailer: ‘Journey’ means the entire operation of transport from ‘place of departure’ to ‘place of destination’, including loading at the place of departure, any transfer during the journey, any unloading, rest / accommodation and loading occurring at intermediate points in the journey, until all animals are unloaded at the place of destination.

Even with food and water the animals are still restricted, and considered to be journeying, so it counts towards total journey time. There is no issue with shutting the pigs in for a bit on the days leading up to the journey, to help them get used to loading and unloading etc

A piece of information that will help you and the welfare of your pigs.

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