FARROWING – Being prepared Part XI

Bagging up

You will notice that the sows abdomen will drop so much so that when you look from behind between her back legs it is almost touching the ground – referred to as “bagging up”. She will also start to carry straw from one area to another; will generally throw things around as she is having contractions. From the moment this happens it is generally six hours until birthing is imminent.

When your sow/gilt has made her circle of straw she will lie down, her breathing will become laboured and if she is a gilt from her vulva will come a very dark (almost black in colour) discharge (I have not noticed this dark discharge in subsequent farrowings) at this stage her vulva will be a very dark red and swollen, you will notice that the tail with thrash from side to side and then slowly but surely you will see the first piglet emerge.

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