Farrowing – Being prepared Part IX

A knot of Ascaris suum recovered from the small intestine of an infected pig. Credit Photo: veterian key


Consideration should be given at this time, for treating the sow for external parasites and therefore worming her a week before she gives birth to avoid placenta crossover of womb infestation.

It is also a good idea to vaccinate against Erysipelas three weeks before farrowing and if the mother has never been vaccinated before she will need one injection six weeks prior to farrowing and a booster three weeks later.

Always speak to your vet for advice on your medication/vaccination programme.

May be an image of food and text that says "Roundworm Life Cycle Adult Worms In Large Intestine Laying Eggs Larvae Migrate Through Liver & Lungs Lungs Lungs Liver Embryonated Eggs are Consumed Ascarid egg Eggs in Feces Eggs Embryonate 12-14 Days)"
Photo: Rensselaer Swine Services, P.C.