BOARS – Being prepared Part VII

Photo: from source – sperm plug from 7 month boar

What do we know about boars

Boars normally produce 20 – 120 billion sperm.

Spermatozoa that contain the Y chromosome have slightly less DNA than those that contain the X chromosome.

Incidentally, when servicing, boars will produce a semen plug/sperm plug. This “plug” is formed from the ejaculate material and prevents semen from leaking out of the reproductive tract. It can also be noticed from juvenile boars and this gelatinous substance may also be found stuck to the boars stomach. However, it is predominantly noticed at the end of ejaculation. This is used to seal the large volume of ejaculate (150-500 cc) in the female uterus following natural service. The plug will be placed in the cervix where it will remain.

Photo: Leanne Cross – Sperm plug

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