Bloodlines of the Oxford Sandy and Black Pig

Today we have 13 Sow lines and only 4 boar lines.

The sow (female) lines are:  Alison, Clare, Clarissa, Cynthia, Dandy, Duchess, Elsie, Gertrude, Gloria, Iris, Lady, Mary and Sybil

The boar (male) lines are: Alistair, Alexander, Clarence and Jack

The bloodlines that are now extinct are:

Boars:  Boris and Henry

Sows: Alice, Buttercup, Henrietta, Pippi, Polly, Princess, Sandra, Sandy and Sarah

To learn more about our bloodlines and how they originated please pop along and listen to our podcast on sow bloodlines by clicking here

Or should you wish to listen about the History of the Oxford Sandy and Black Pig then you are welcome to download our podcast here 

Photo: Hannah Coad

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