Oxford Sandy Black Pig Group

The OSB Pig Group is a great hub for help, advice, and support in helping any British society in getting started with pigs, whether it be an OSB Boar, OSB Sow, OSB Gilt, or a couple of OSB weaners the Oxford Sandy & Black Pig Group is here to inspire you about our wonderful breeds.

Oxford Sandy and Black sow with her litter
Oxford Sandy and Black Pigs

The OSB Pig Group is here to help you find an Oxford Sandy and Black Group Pig breeder near you so you may make contact and ask as many questions as you like, not to mention having the opportunity of seeing the setup of the OSB Pig Group supporter’s holding, who will be only too pleased to show you around to help you furnish your own thoughts and ideas on how you would like the sort of society for your Oxford Sandy and Black pigs to be surrounded in. However, please do adhere to the biosecurity of our Oxford Sandy and Black Pig Group supporters when visiting.

The OSBPG is a society of diverse mix of truly inspirational keepers, from beginners (yet to keep pigs) to breeders (who have kept and bred pigs for over 25) all with one exciting venture in common. To raise the profile of the Oxford Sandy and Black Pig! The OSBPG is a welcoming Group where all questions are encouraged no matter how trivial they may seem, questions are greeted with knowledge, courtesy and understanding. Therefore, a sure sign that it is a community that will surround you in a society of people that will lift you and guide you into your exciting venture of owning your first OSB weaners or Oxford Sandy and Black breeding Boar or Oxford Sandy and Black breeding sow.

The OSBPG runs various OSB Pig Group talks as well as our OSB Pig Group Podcasts, OSB Pig Group Cook-a-long and OSB Pig Group Show & Sales so please look around our website and take advantage of our free OSB Pig Group Tools and OSB Pig Group Shop.

Perhaps you would like to get in touch with our Regional Representative who will gladly help you in any way they can:

Who we are:

Central – Frances Payne T: 07886255109 E:Lavendergardenpigs@gmail.com OR Eve Atkins T: 07944 522219 E: info@thethreelocksfarm.co.uk
Devon/Cornwall – Kim Brook T: 01566 783232 M: 07747 392803 E: Kim@Oxfordsandyblackpiggroup.org
East England – Andrew O’Shea M: 07590 381 188 E: Andrew@Oxfordsandyblackpiggroup.org
Somerset/Dorset – Sonya Barr E: Sonbarr@icloud.com T: 07787 865902
South East – Angela Pratt & Clive Allcorn E: Angela.pratt@watamu.co.ukE:Clive.allcorn@watamu.co.uk T: 07989 356111
Scotland – Michelle Anderson-Carroll T: 01808 521504 M: 07717 591069 E: Michelle@rivercroft.scot Anita Withers   T: 01573 440518  E: e.j.withers@btinternet.com
Wales – Sian Thomas T: 01286 881958 M: 07812 384289 E: siancarmel@gmail.com
France – Lorraine Jones T: (33)5497 55289 E: Lorraine.e.jones@googlemail.com
Ireland – Dermot Allen T: (353) 872 516623 E:winetavernfarm@gmail.com
The Netherlands – Pipie Smits van Oyen E: smitsvoy@euronet.nl

Dried Cured Oxford Sandy and Black Pork Gammon
OSB Gammon

As well as having a strong following on the OSBPG Facebook we also have the OSB Rare Breed Pork Group. We love to cook! A fantastic culinary OSB Pig pork sensation, showing off our Pate, Rillettes, prosciutto, homemade salami’s hanging from coat hangers, videos showing our OSB Pork sausage making skills, how to butcher and showing off our traditional roasts. We are a proud bunch when showing off our OSB Pork.

OSB Pig Group Apron
Robert Mulliner showing off his Charcuterie skills.

If you want fall-off-the-bone joints, juicy sausages, tasty bacon, out of this world crackling, and sensational charcuterie then look no further than Oxford Sandy and Black Pork!

Sarah and Robert Buttle's OSB Air Dried Ham
Sarah and Robert Buttle’s Air Dried Ham

Come along and join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and find out about the Oxford Sandy and Black Pig Group, who we are, our achievements, and how we can support you and inspire YOU.