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Source: A replay of the charity event where we invited Emily Boyce from AHDB, who is one of their Pork Knowledge Exchange managers, to find out more about AHDB pork and how they help small scale producers like us. Plus regular news spot

Andrew O'Shea (OSBPG Charity Trustee) walks through the slap marking process and explain what equipment you need.

Another super cook a long from Kathryn Green, making the most of a hand of pork + a bonus left over recipe for when time is tight 🙂 NB: Hand of pork is essential a shoulder of pork with the shoulder blade removed

Source: In this podcast, we have a replay of the recent charity hosted event. OSBPG Supporter and Commerical Pig Vet Louise Blenkhorn talks to us about farrowing, from the days leading up, to when to intervene, Mastitis and much much more

Chef and regular presenter in our OSBPG cook a long series Bryn Evans is making sausages from his home kitchen in northern Ireland.

Source: In this episode, we replay the Scot EID talk with Bob Yuill and Josie Firth hosted in early February, plus usual news and upcoming events.

Source: New year, a new season, we kick off with a replay of the OSPBG host eaml2/pig hub chat with Nicola Gumery, plus there's news on other events coming up, GSA change and a newsletter

Chef Bryn Evans from Londonderry, Northern Ireland shows us how he makes his OSB Scotch Eggs.

Ed and Anita Withers show us how they use boar semen purchased from Deerpark to Artificially Inseminate (AI) one of their sows.