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Adam Mitton – Looking for a sow in pig please, any bloodline apart from Cynthia.  

Linda Hricko – Dandy, Mary or Gertrude gilt or young sow. In-pig would preferable please.

Lillie Smith – Iris, Duchess or Dandy gilt or sow up to 2 years old, in-pig would be nice
Mark Cintas – Shropshire

At 14 weeks, three happy go lucky boars are looking for adventure and to add that little “je ne sais quoi”  to your holding.   

They are out of Duchess and sired by Jack bloodline

Looking forward to hearing from you is Mark, who will be pleased to take your enquiry

Location: Shrewsbury, Shropshire
Tel: 07311 436 546 
Heber Hargreaves – Lancashire – Amended

Choices, choices in the county of Lancashire.  Finishers and weaners for you to choose from, Summer is around the corner and as we welcome brighter evenings this will give you time to enjoy  new additions to your holding.

They are ready for you, are you ready for them…

2 gilts and 2 boars – 8 months old – around 80 to 100kg
6 boars – 6/7 month old – 80 to 100kg
5 gilts – 6/7 month old – 50kg
7 boars and 2 gilts – 3 and half months old 
2 gilts – 2 months old 

They are out of bloodlines Gloria, Iris and Sybil all sired by Jack bloodline

Location: Clitheroe, Lancashire
Tel: 07834 986 171
Scrubditch Care Farm – Cirencester

We are the happy go lucky quintuplets, we are three boys and 2 girls.  It is quite the norm for us piglets to have many brothers and sisters unlike you humans.  It is said that for humans, quintuplets occur naturally in 1 in 55,000,000 births.

Although not old enough to leave home yet, we would like to take your reservations so we can plan our adventures with you anytime after 4 April 2023

Sired by Putham Clarence out of Kingsbrook Iris
DOB: 7 February 2023
Photo taken: 14 March 2023

We are trying very hard to contain our excitement, we look forward to hearing from you and learning all about our new home.

Location: North Cerney, GL7
Tel: 07966 255 631
Craig Farrant – Dorset

There are 2 boars and 4 gilts, all are meat weaners and available in Dorset.  They would like you to know that they are 12 weeks old today.

DOB: 6 January 2023
Photo taken: 15 March 2023

Location: Poole, BH16
Tel: 07921 558 378
Isobelle Delbridge – Cornwall

Five Cornish lads available, who are 15 weeks old with very good manners.  They have been entertained and loved by little humans.  They love living in Cornwall and no doubt will tell you all about the wonderful surfing and glorious beaches.  The boys would like to broaden their horizon and wish to understand the geology and land structure of other areas and willing to study soil as a natural resource.  Can you help them with their rootling abilities?

Sired by Jack and out of Sybil bloodlines
DOB: 6 December 2022
Photo taken: 2 March  2023

Location: Pensilva
Tel: 07388 138 240
Clarence Boar – Kent
Sire:  Willoughby Clarence
Dam:  Erinhaf Sybil 
DOB:  29 December 2020
Photo taken:  22 March 2023
Approx Weight: 230 kg
Underline:  Confirmed with 14 evenly spaced parallel teats

Say hello to Boris, he is bold, courageous, fun loving, handsome chap.  Living in the Garden of England Boris knows only to well how to court the ladies and he has mastered the art of gentleman etiquette. Being two years old he has matured into a very fine gentleman as you can see.

Ready and waiting to earn his keep.

Brighter days are ahead which will make travelling far more pleasurable.  Angela will be pleased to take your enquiries.  You wont regret it 

Location : Kent
Tel: 07805 067 114
Jack Boar – Warwickshire

Sire:  Teyrdanhall Jack
Dam:  Cottagefferm Sybil 
DOB:  19 December 2022
Photo taken:  14 March 2023
Approx Weight: 130 kg
Underline:  Confirmed with 14 evenly spaced parallel teats

Now in his 14th week of age this handsome chap will be a super addition to your herd.  He is well mannered and extremely polite.  

As  you can imagine, being born in the county of Warwickshire, home of William Shakespeare and George Eliot, this Jack boar is very well read and versed in the art of being a gentleman.  He is eager to learn and grow with your help and guidance and perhaps he can be “the bard” of your county, there is never “too much of a good thing”.

Linda looks forward to hearing from you. 

Location : Shipston-on-Stour
Tel: 07528 018 668
3 x Alistair Boars – North Wales

Sire:  Teyrdan Hall Alistair
Dam:  Erinhaf Lady 2
DOB:  18 February 2022
Photo taken:  3 March 2023
Approx Weight: 130 kg
Underline:  Two of the boars are confirmed with 16 even parrellel teats the other 14.

Bred and reared by Mary Benfield, these fine lads are ready to leave North Wales to come and court the ladies.  How can they refuse!   They are all from the Alistair bloodline and each have their own personalities, all of quiet temperament and are gentleman first and foremost.

Being a year old they are ready to work.  Would be nice to see them living in Central England, South East England and even in West Wales, which will help our dynamics of the breed and bloodlines. 

Videos of the boars are available, please email   

Time to make that call…

Location : Colwyn Bay, North Wales

Tel: 01492 518713 / 07769 358691


Mr & Mrs I Coleman:  07813 444517 – Alexander Boar
Mr & Mrs J Newman: 07977 249386  – Alexander Boar 
DORSET – Alistair Boar
This is Glanyrhyd Alistair better known as Albert, who lives happily in the beautiful Blackmore Vale of Dorset.   

As you can see, Albert is well grown and is very proud to tell  you that he has sired 7 litters at the glorious age of 2 years old

Albert is a gentle soul with a very kind temperament.  He fed lovingly looked after by Lillie and her rest of the family. 

Lillie also has a Jack Boar with details coming shortly
Call/message Lillie on 07551 256 325

East England
Mr D Ashton: 07368 888422  – Alistair Boar
Mr A O’Shea: 07590 381188 – Alexander Boar
Mr A Rock: 07539 038574 – Clarence Boar
Jack is nearly 2 years old.  This cheeky chap loves chatting up the ladies.  He has many successful litters under his belt with his latest being 14.   As you can see he is a gorgeous ginger with colourful character and is described as “an absolute gentle giant”

Jack is a Clarence bloodline and lives in Gloucester where he is fed, watered and pampered by Lucy.
Call/message Lucy on 07725368768 
North East
Mr S Lynas: 07730 39 1441 – Clarence Boar

Mrs L Edwards: 07505 011626 – Jack Boar
Miss H Gallagher: 07949 977134  – Alistair Boar

Mr & Mrs A Rivers: 07795 908450 – Jack Boar

Mary Benfield: 07769 358691 – Alistair Boar
Sian Thomas: 07812 384289 – Jack Boar

Mr & Mrs E Withers: 07718 302681 – Alexander Boar

Visit our breeders and producers map for further information HERE



Central –  Frances Payne  07886 255109 OR
                 Eve Atkins 07944 522219

Devon & Cornwall – Kim Brook 01566 783232/07747 392 803

Dorset – Lillie Smith  07551 256 325

East England – Andrew O’Shea  07590 381 188

North England – Lisa Corcoran – 07826 051 175
Somerset – Sonya Barr 07787 865 902

South East – Angela Pratt 07805 067 114

Scotland –   Anita Withers 07718 302 681

France –  Lorraine Jones (33) 5497 55289

Ireland – Dermot Allen (353) 872 516 623

The Netherlands – Pipie Smits van Oyen Email:


As a charity we are proud to help and support the conservation and preservation of our breed.  Please note that photos and information relating to breeding stock and/or fattening stock (meat weaners) are at the discretion and responsibility of the seller and request for weaners and breeding stock are as per the request of the individual stated.  All information expressed has permission of all those herein.   
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Oxford Sandy and Black Pig Group Registered Charity
Oxford Sandy and Black Pig Group Registered Charity
Oxford Sandy and Black Pig Group Registered Charity
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