Current Balance: £3532.92 (1st June 2019)

DateBalance+/- last monthComments
01/06/19£3532.92-£285£400.00 deduction for donation made to helping a member towards a wheelchair.
additional £115.00 from hiring of pregnancy scanner and new members becoming Friends of the OSBPG.
01/05/2019£3817.92+£17Deduction of £200 for group insurance. Addition of £217 from merchandise sold by Nicola Gouldsmith. Donations and new members joining friends of the osbpg and hiring of pregnancy scanner.
01/04/2019£3800.92+£150Pregnancy Scanner Hire and Members who have joined the Friends of the OSBPG
01/03/2019£3650.92+£72Scanner Hire
01/02/2019£3578.92 £230.30Fund increase from Pregnancy scanner hires & donations
01/01/2019£3258.62+£265Fund increase from Pregnancy scanner hires & donations
01/12/2018£2993.62+£210Fund increase from Genetics talk, Pregnancy Scanner and donations.
01/11/2018£2783.62+£80.76Fund increase from Pregnancy scanner hires
01/10/2018£2702.86+£129.30Fund increase from Pregnancy scanner hires and donations
01/09/2018£2573.56+£152.80Fund increase result of funds raised at the OSBPG show in August
01/08/2018£2420.76+£80£40 raised at Hanbury Show
01/07/2018£2340.76+£319.46£150 raised by the Bath and West Show
01/06/2018£2021.30+£410.83£820 raised by Oxfest, donation to the Air Ambulance of £420
01/05/2018£1610.47+ £183.22Fund increase from Pregnancy scanner hires and donations
01/04/2018£1427.250.00Starting Balance on website

Photo Courtesy of Sian ThomasThe OSBPG fund was set up by Kim Brook in December 2015 with an initial £500 donation. The fund is intended to help our OSB members who have fallen on unfortunate times and to offer support in difficult times. Since starting we have received over £1,900 in generous donations from our members.

Any spend from the fund is always put to the group for a vote before any monies are used.  To date the fund has been used to;

  1. £300 was donated to the RBST to help flood victims of 2016
  2. £100 was donated to the Cockayne Syndrome Support charity
  3. £300 to a fellow member who was in dire need of financial support
  4. £290 was used to buy our Pregnancy Scanner which is available to any members to hire

This page will be updated at the start of every month, so please check back regularly to see how the fund is doing and what we are supporting. If you have any questions about the fund, please use the contact us option on the main menu.