Extinct Boar Bloodlines

BORIS BLOODLINE: This bloodline was based on the boar Farway Boris and was bred at the Farway Country Park from stock from Portsmouth City Council’s Leighpark Herd. The only Boris line boar registered appears to bave been Happyhogs Boris’s Ceasar 3FS bred by Nancy Howard. The Boris bloodline line influence on later stock is via his daughters of the Gloria line.


HENRY BLOODLINE: The only boar ever to be registered from this line appears to have been Edgehill Henry’s Cavalier 8FS. He was registered as “Breeder unknown” from litter bought from a dealer, pedigree of pig unknown. Although inspected and registered there appears to have been no further pigs of this line.


Information shared to me from Mr Sheppy in March 2016.
The BOAR bloodlines vol 1 & 2
Alexander, Alistair, Boris, Clarence, Henry, Jack

Today’s Current BOAR LINES
Alexander, Alistair, Clarence, Jack