OSB Group Events

  • Sat
    11:00 amRoadford Lake, Lower Goodacre, Broadwoodwidger, Lifton, Devon PL160JL
    8km Run. Book your tickets HERE
    The Oxford Sandy and Black Pig Group is celebrating a decade of success, warmth and camaraderie.
    Come and join in the fun as we become 10 years old. You are invited to a little “rootle 8km run” down here in West Devon. It will to take place at Roadford Lake, which is also known as Roadford Reservoir it is a man-made reservoir fed by the River Wolf and is the largest area of fresh water in the southwest of England and you may also be interested to know that it is home to the hazel dormouse (Muscardinus avellanarius) which is a rare and protected mammal native to the UK, as well as the Daubenton and Horseshoe bat.
    Then after this little rootle around we will then, like our previous #OXFEST, partake in a hog roast to keep your tummies happy, liquid to quench your thirst and an auction where proceeds will be split between the OSBPG and Air Ambulance.
    You are welcome to camp in my fields (you will have to rough it as there is only cold running water out of a blue pipe), which is situated by Roadford Lake and arrive on the Friday 10 July 2020. Toilets will be on site (plastic toilets cubicles as seen at agricultural shows). There are many B&B close by too should you wish. Those that will be taking part in the 8km run will have use of the showers and changing facilities at Roadford after your run.
    Saturday 11 July 2020 (our birthday is 18 July)
    Run Starts
    11:00 hrs
    Hogroast starts
    13:00 hrs
    GBP15.00 per person (RUNNERS ensure you hit the correct button on purchasing your ticket),
    Children FREE (up to 18 years),
    Dogs FREE
    Method of Payment:
    Visit out shop and ensure you hit the right button on checkout. Book your tickets HERE