Exhibition & Sale 2022

The OSBPG Foundation Charity Exhibition and Sale is back!

We are delighted to be present at the East of England showground, as the UK’s only pig breed-specific charity, where we are hosting our 5th annual Oxford Sandy and Black Pig Exhibition and Sale 2022.

All are invited to join us and take part in our scrumptious hog roast, watch our exhibition and participate in our auction, and compliment your farm with one of the UK’s rare breed pigs.

Come along and share the day with like-minded people and breed enthusiasts and be a part of a charity that is creating a better future for our breed, its existence and its breeding potential.

Agenda for the day – Saturday 1st October

07:30 – Access to exhibitors opens

09:00 – All pigs must be penned

09:30 – Event open to the public (entry is FREE)

10:30 – Exhibition of Pigs begins

12:00 – Food is served, enjoy our hog roast

13:30 – Auction of Pigs begins

15:30 – Loading of pigsbegins,

16:30 – End of the Day

Do I need to register if I want to attend?

Only exhibitors are required to register before the event

What do I need to do to exhibit and sell my OSBs?

If you want to exhibit and sell your OSB’s you need to register with us using our online form here

I’m an Exhibitor, what time can I arrive?

Those travelling a distance are welcome to arrive the day before and pen their pigs up. This option is available from 16:00hrs – 19:00hrs on Friday 30th September. Or you can arrive on the day but you will need to be at the showground and have your pigs penned by 09:00, the showground will be open from 07:30 for you.

We will contact each exhibitor prior to the event to provide you with all the information you need, and what is required of you.

I have a question about the event, who can I contact?

If you have any questions, please email hello@oxfordsandyblackpiggroup.org

How do I get to the Showground?

You can find directions and more information on the East of England showground on their website