Exhibition and Sale Entry

Each Entry requires 1 pen and carries an entry fee of £3. i.e 2 pens = £6, 3 pens = £9
Pigs MUST be loaded and in their allocated pens no later than 09:30 on the day of the event, but access to the show ground is available to exhibitors from 17:00 on Friday 30th September

Terms and Conditions of the event

I/We agree to pay an exhibition pen fee of £3 per pen

I/We will remain responsible for the pig(s) welfare throughout the event up to and including the loading of the pigs to the new owners trailer.

I/We confirm that the pigs are in good health and are free from ailments and parasites.

I/We will pay a 7% commission fee on any pig(s) we sell. i.e for a pig selling at £350, the fee would be £24.50.

I/We are responsible for ensuring the pig(s) information is true and accurate.

I/We will provide bank details or sales payment on the day of the event, and acknowledge monies from our sale will be paid within 48 hours of the event finishing