BFPQ 2023 Auction – Silent Bids

Thank you for your interest, the event is now over and we were able to raise £1,260 for the Charity due to the generosity of our sponsors and supporters.

Auction Lot #1

Kärcher K3 Power Control Corded Pressure washer 1.6kW

Auction Lot #2

Two Paxton & Whitfield Cheese hampers. One of which is Gluten free

Auction Lot #3

12 bottles of Thatchers cider

Auction Lot #4

OSB Pig Wall Sculpture Aprrox 18×14 inches

Auction Lot #5

Porcichew from Shearwell. Colour and scented to keep our pigs occupied

Auction Lot #6

Dramanski Pregnancy Detector

Auction Lot #7

Selection of Sausage Mixes and Curing Salts. (Contains Gluten)

Auction Lot #8

A pair of etched stainless steel beakers, kindly created and donated by Lisa Twyman

Auction Lot #9

Butchery, Curing, and Smoking in your own home with Andrew Sharp. 50mile radius from Dalton in Furness, Cumbria

Auction Lot #10

Richard Bramble has kindly donated an OSB large mug and bowl

Auction Lot #11

Cold Smoking Cabinet Set donated by

Auction Lot #12

Butchery in your own home with Nigel Goodchild. 50mile radius from Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk