Oxford Sandy and Black pedigree gilt. 9 weeks old

 OSB Registered Gilt / Posted 4 weeks ago by Richard Lea / 43 views


  • Listing ID: 3411
  • Dam Blood Line: Gertrude
  • Boar Blood Line: Alistair
  • : 9 week old quiet nature . Pedigree gilt
    Wormed and electric fence trained.

    Sire is Teyrdanhall Alistair DOB 28/04/17 bred by Mary Benfield

    Sow is LongAsh Gertrude 17
    DOB 3/11/2018
    Her mother was a prize winner at Dorset show.
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Welshpool Powys / Shropshire bordersWales - Mid,Sy210NG Show Phone Number *****

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